Elijahfire Press

This publishing house was founded in the hope that it would provide readers with books that would entertain, inform, and educate. Our mission is to bring an understanding of kingdom Christian principles, to spread the gospel, and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

James Graybeal

Author, CEO, and founder, James Graybeal was born in Lansing, MI. He spent his early years on the road. James grew up in beautiful San Antonio, Tx.  He now lives in East Lansing, MI with his lovely and talented wife Linda.

James enjoys writing, photography, cooking, and preaching the message of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

James also hosts an internet radio show. He teaches and takes calls from listeners. For more information about the show visit http://elijahfireradio.com.

Throughout his life, James has had the opportunity to do several exciting and rewarding jobs. His most rewarding was his time of service in the US. Army. After that, he worked in the telecommunications industry. His current focus is on writing, publishing, and the ministry.